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The Alarming Truth
spacerYouth across the globe are finding themselves in impossible financial conditions. Credit card debit and bankruptcy is the highest ever recorded among young people 18 to 24. The ABC Guys, Dr. Denis Cauvier and Alan Lysaght are passionate about helping you and your children break this new trend of financial hopelessness and perpetual debt.

The clip below reveals many facts that adults, parents, and young people should be aware of related to personal financial health and wealth creation.

The ABCs of Making Money - Your First Step to Financial Freedom

abc guys headerPrior to reading your book I was one month away from losing my house, now I’m enjoying financial freedom and living the American dream.
— S.L. Boston, MA

Are you looking to change your financial future?
If too much debt is causing you stress and sleepless nights, take control of your financial future with the ABCs of Making Money. Learn the secrets of eliminating excessive debt and gaining control of your income. Don’t spend another minute worrying about your finances, order today.

For years Dr. Denis Cauvier and Alan Lysaght have been helping individuals and corporations big & small to operate more efficiently. For some it means making and keeping more money. For some it’s improved communications, achieving sales goals or, simply enjoying a better quality of life. Now it’s time for The ABC Guys to help YOU!

Our best selling books :The ABCs of Making Money” and “The ABCs of Making Money 4 Teens” are a distillation of the key experiences, techniques and strategies we’ve developed over the past decades.

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Tips for Thriving in a Troubled Economy

Great News - The World's on Sale
The ‘Black Friday’ bargains started early this year with everything from clothes to big-screen TVs available at huge discounts. So, why are people all of a sudden calling this a problem? Well, it’s called deflation and, basically, it happens when consumers hold off on purchases, especially big ones, causing prices to drop further. The logic is: why buy a car, a house or company shares, when it will get cheaper the longer I wait? This kind of delayed purchasing repeated across the country in millions of households actually compounds the problem by lowering demand for goods and services, which leads to falling sales and profits for companies, which discourages spending and investment, which triggers layoffs, which further reduces demand and so on...

According to the authors of “The ABCs of Making Money”, here are 10 tips for surviving a deflationary economy:

Design a Budget for you and your family. It can be really simple (see The ABCs chapter 4) as long as it helps you see how you spend your money. Revisit your priorities: Do you need the extra car, the full package for your mobile phone, the extra TV channels you never watch etc.

Pay down debts (especially high interest credit cards) as much as possible. With rampant job cuts, higher unemployment and wages remaining flat or even declining, making mortgage and other loan payments could be tougher, so do it now.

Stay mentally fit. Be positive, don’t panic, don’t get obsessed with the negative media coverage, seek out positive news.

Be physically healthy. Eat well, get ample sleep and continue to stay active. You need to be at your best in order to thrive during difficult economic times.

Go green. Save the environment while saving money. Get rid-of your gas guzzling car. Car pool or take public transportation. Reduce your utility bills by buying energy efficient home appliances; invest in insulation; change all the light bulbs to energy saving types.

Consider your real value to your company (see the Employment Leverage Indicator p: 122/123). How bullet-proof are you? Learn how you can develop yourself.

Invest in longer-term U.S. Treasury bonds rather than corporate bonds. If the economy really goes into a deflationary spiral, the falling demand leads to lower revenues and profits for many companies, which means they might have trouble making their bond interest payments. No matter what happens, you know that Uncle Sam is going to make his bond payments, even if it means running the government printing presses overtime to do it.

Invest in stocks. Right now the stocks are on sale. Do your homework; stick with companies that carry manageable debt, and through innovation, competitive advantage or other reasons, are able to maintain some pricing power and can continue to produce profits despite falling prices. Never invest in stocks with borrowed money unless you are 100% sure of success.

Invest in the staples. People always need the basics, so companies that produce food, personal hygiene products, and medicines and tend to give consistent returns.

Invest in the best company: “Me INC”. Invest in yourself; develop your marketable skills, or turn your hobbies into money by starting a home-based business.

What's Inside the ABCs of Making Money

Financial Freedom Snapshot

Use this personal financial tool as a fast way to get a quick "picture" of your current money situation. After completing the snapshot, use the scoring key to understand your personal results.

Rosa's Story

Rosa, a single mother of two young children, was depressed and at her wits end. She had barely been surviving on her government Mother's Allowance benefit, when her financial roof caved in. Her youngest child had fallen seriously ill and required numerous costly treatments. (Happily, the child eventually recovered from the illness.)

Unfortunately, Rosa's debt-load and day-to-day expenses were becoming far too much for her to bear. This had not always been the case for up until six months before, Rosa had been employed as an assembly line seamstress until she was laid-off after the plant's closure.

Tony's Story

The following story exemplifies the success that is within your reach when applying these techniques. Our friend, Anthony, dreamed out loud about owning a flashy BMW Z4. After repeated mentions of this dream, we decided to see if he was serious about this goal. We asked him specifically when he would own the Z4 and how he would gather the necessary funds.

Anthony did not have a date or a plan, just the fantasy. We told him that unless he made several changes, he would never get the car of his dreams. The first step was to set a specific date. The second was to create a savings strategy to obtain the money. These steps were part of the physical homework. What remained was the mental homework.


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